2019 Asian American Student Center Exhibit

Northeastern University Asian American Heritage Month

On Monday, January 28, Northeastern’s Asian American Center opened an exhibit that was the result of a collaboration between two student-leaders running Northeastern’s Asian American Heritage Month, Melanie Barbini and Roshni Thyagrajan and the Archives and Special Collections. Melanie and Roshni collaborated to create an exhibit that represented Asian-American activism in Boston using the Chinese Progressive Associations (CPA) Records. Their goal was to provide an exhibit to help students better connect with Boston’s Asian-American communities surrounding campus. Melanie and Roshni curated the exhibit from the digitized CPA records and the Archives and Special Collections provided captions, printing, and mounting for the exhibit.

This is a digital version of the exhibit that was hosted in the Asian American Student center.

Click here to read the exhibit introduction by Melanie Barbini and Roshni Thyagrajan.

Click here to view the exhibit.